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Selected Projects (2001—2009)

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2011, Jan-April

– a collection of fun tools for kids' health

Playpods encourage kids to be healthy by offering active, open-ended fun that builds specific physical skills.

Playpods - the brand - was designed collaboratively between Rosalie Wild, Ji Hyun Hwang, and Janet Lee. Each member designed one of the products in the collection - my product was the Wobblepod.

The concept arose out of research about physical activity in the context of school. Through speaking with teachers we realized that there was an opportunity gap between physical education - which builds specific physical skills in a well-rounded but super-structured way - and recess, which is allows for super-dynamic imaginative fun but misses the well-rounded education.

We set out to create fun tools for kids that were playable: -Indoors or outdoors -alone or in groups -without rules or instruction

Basically, tools that gave kids no excuse not to be playing!

We also geared each product towards a set of specific skills: Wobblepod - balance, collaboration Zoompod - muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance Tosspod - hand/eye coordination, cooperation

The collection was presented at frog design in San Francisco, and subsequently featured on Core77.